Let her eat cake, and Macroons ofcourse!

IMG_8141I have made it a tradition of spoiling myself every weekend! I get whatever it is that my heart desires! I try out new places for dinner, I get myself some dessert, I walk into new cafe’s and bakeries! Rotterdam is full of these amazing little bakeries and places where I can try out new things.

This beautiful loaf is from Urban Bakkery Rotterdam. Its the cutest little place that’s only a 5 minute walk from my little box. I love it! And their bananabread is one of the best I’ve had. I love my own made bananabread the best! haha! I should put some recipes on here pretty soon.


I’ve also tried some macroons for the very first time, believe it or not! I love them! They seem to be very hot since recently. I took them as dessert for dinner at some friends house last friday! Absolutely amazing! Making them is also on the list! I’ve heard it can be done!

Other than these two amazing things, I’ve tried some carrot cake from this cool cafe where I love to study. Super moist! I have had my sugar for this weekend haha! It’s about finding and keeping the balance. Till the spoils of next week!



A place to call Home

” Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything. And you cannot turn away. Your destiny is bound with the destiny of others. You must either learn to carry the universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet be empty enough to sit down at the table with its worst horrors” – Andrew Boyd


This quote always helps me understand the ups and down better. Let us be completely honest, its a deathtrap out there at times. However, there are some amazing things in the world that can give us the balance we need through out our mortal experience. Lately I have found the perfect balance in the peace I created in my little box. Taking time to reboot, helps me to see the world as clearly as my mind is ready to comprehend, and to go back with energy, strength and compassion. Human beings are fragile creatures. No matter how cruel they appear to be at times. I have always searched for the good in people, the good I know we have all been created with.

My home has become my safe haven I gladly come home to. It’s become my place of comfort, the place where I regain strength, the place where I self-reflect, and mostly where I slowly learn to love myself. I now tend to dig deep down inside myself rather than reach outward to fill the void. I love it here, this is the place I call my home.


Rise and Shine!


Breakfast, they say, is the most important meal of the day! Food-therapy I call it! I like to spoil myself with a yummy breakfast on Monday mornings, so I start my week happy and motivated!

Things that have been on my mind lately is how to feed mind, body and spirit! Keeping the balance is something I’ve never learned and always struggled with. Now that I’m old enough to realize that there should be a balance, I still struggle to maintain it. Motivation is great, however consistency should be the key of happiness. Since consistency equals progress, whether its slow or fast. Baby steps are still steps.  There is a quote that says; ” tiptoe if you must, but take the step!”. As long as we keep moving forward I guess. I have great plans for this semester. The first week of school is officially here, and I am excited. Because I have failed over and over again, so I know how to succeed. In the end I know better and this time I am determined to do better.

Blooming from my own little Box


” Bloom where you’re planted ”
has  always inspired me because it reminds me that no matter where we are planted, blooming lies within our power, better yet it’s our responsibility to bloom.

As I live in my beautiful little box (read 8m2) in the centre of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, I am determined to bloom from here. We were all blessed with talents, qualities and desires that will contribute to mankind. And the more we are aware of these talents, qualities and desires, the better we can help each other make the world the place it was meant to be.

I believe that the eyes only see what the mind is ready to comprehend. We see things not as they are but as we are. I hope to grow into the type of person that sees the beauty in humble places, that sees hope where there might be non, that makes the best out of things, and that finds happiness and joy in the ordinary. This is my starting line, how well I bloom, that’s completely up to me.

So I started with creating a place for myself to create, study and think! A little sanctuary where I can get my work done and be inspired by the wonderful people in this world.

I hope you’ll join me, start your own journey, and that we can teach and help eachother to make the world a better place.